a ripple effect: 

a spreading, pervasive,

and usually unintentional

effect or influence



     It is nice to meet YOU! My name is Sarah Jean Webb and my passion is to educate, encourage, and empower. I am not myself a certified mental health professional. What I am is someone who has experienced mental health issues personally, as well as with those that I love. In that context, I continually try to learn and apply what influences issues including the effects on a person, their environment, and society. That is what has affected me; however, all of our different experiences help those around us.

     A great day for me is to look somebody in the eyes and explain that they are special, worthy, and have a purpose...hopefully over a cup of coffee. Hello is Brave!

 I would love to hear how you saw and heard or were seen and heard by someone! Please comment below. ~SJW~ 


(Note: Any harmful comment to one's self or another will be deleted. Please don't mention the names of others. Thanks!)

What is

your  chosen

ripple effect?


If you are in immediate danger of hurting yourself, call 911.
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