June 14, 2019

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I spoke with someone who reached out privately. Part of the conversation was that she was encouraged by my posts. This is for her as well as those who are unable to reach out.

What is a "normal" response with pain?

If you are curious...go touch a hot stove. :)

Kidding aside, our body is hard-wired to run from pain. It's scienc...

May 19, 2019

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This day. It could be any given day; for what is, is not always seen. Others are perplexed glancing my way; moreover, it is unseen so keenly even by myself. I carry around in me a grief, that at times, is so painful that my body screams for relief. Drugs, alcohol, 

impulsive behavior, self harm, and quitt...

April 21, 2019

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Today sad came to visit, as she often does. I don't know when she'll come, and as confident as I am that I'm ready, I'm usually not. The plan is to dissect what she's saying and to explain to myself, "It's not the truth." Tonight, I had reason to believe her. Immediately I had different memories that demanded verdicts such...

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