Hello! I am many things; I am a wife, as well as mom to four. They are super amazing; knowing them so well, I see their superpowers to endure, be wise, be strategic, have charisma, and have compassion, just to mention a few.  Being a part of a family is just one of the many things that have helped me learn. You cannot reveal a super...so their identities will remain private.

Sarah Jean Webb

That's me! (Sarah Sunshine) A FREEZING day of 75 degrees in Tucson, Az. Of course, I dressed for the weather! My passion is to educate, encourage, and empower. Summed up well in how it is defined. (1) give (someone) training in or information, (2)give support, confidence, or hope to, (3) make stronger and more confident. Please check out my youtube channel for my story.


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