Causes of Mental Illness: Biological, Physiological, and Environmental

Most professionals agree with these three main causes; although, other factors can contribute.
Biological is genetics, that is a predisposition due to the family you are born into. Physiological refers to brain chemicals that are not working efficiently.  The environment can be anything from childhood experiences, stress, trauma, or even a major life event. It really is hard to pinpoint; however, my belief is to strive to function. It is encouraging to know that science is continuing to be discovered that pinpoints more than we know now.
Attachment styles derive from attachment theory.
Adverse Childhood Experiences.

As shown in the video (below), when there is a breakdown in the mechanics of the brain, any area of the body can be affected. This is demonstrated consistently in mental illness through perceptions, feelings, and behavior. If chemical issues are not addressed it is as prudent for someone to will their way better as it is for a broken arm to become fixed by osmosis. Although not all people require medicine to fix the problem, it is absolutely necessary for some people to function as well as survive.

If you are in immediate danger of hurting yourself, call 911.
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